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Hi, I’m Ralf! Here you can not only find out what YieldNodes is, if it is serious and how to sign up. Rather, you will also learn how to earn 5-15% per month with Yieldnodes – easy and comprehensible. Furthermore, I will provide you with a new report every month, in which I explain my investment strategy in more detail and reveal my results so far.

Yield Nodes

What is YieldNodes anyway?

Yieldnodes generates income with the help of masternodes, an important building block in many cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. Income is generated in a completely legal way through masternoding, but also with services and price gains. Most of these profits (85%) are paid out to investors on a monthly basis.


Facts about YieldNodes


213,84 %

annual return on reinvestment

Average return

10 %

profit per month
(over the last 30 months)

Currently up to


alternating with POS Staking

Minimum deposit

YieldNodes requires a minimum deposit of €500.00 and accepts Euros, US Dollars or Bitcoins. A maximum of €250,000 can be deposited.


The term of the contract is a one-time 6 months and can be cancelled at any time thereafter – no ifs, ands or buts.


If the return falls below 5% in 3 consecutive months, your rental payments will be refunded together with the accumulated profit (if reinvested).


What is a masternode?

Digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies obviously require servers. However, masternodes are not just any servers, but network nodes that are necessary for the network to function and are crucial for stable operation. Those who operate these master nodes receive a small reward for doing so. The YieldNodes network generates its profits from this reward as well as from price gains and services.


Secure net profit of 5-15% per month?

If you also want to invest in innovative solutions with YieldNodes in a transparent way and secure a good return, simply register. Once registered, you can decide how much you want to invest (minimum investment: 500 €).

Money transfer

How deposits & withdrawals work

Deposit with YieldNodes

Conveniently deposit your funds in Bitcoin, by credit card or bank transfer via your personal dashboard in the secure member area.

Withdrawal at YieldNodes

As with deposits, you can also withdraw your deposits and winnings via your personal dashboard.

Yield Nodes FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Yieldnodes

What is masternoding?

Masternoding is a special way to generate revenue. Technical resources (masternodes) are provided on the basis of the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) procedure.

A masternode is a node server in a network, just like any other „full node“. Only with these full nodes transactions can be processed and stored in the blockchain.

However, the rights and duties of the master node operator go beyond those of a normal full node operator. He is also responsible for basic services, which earns him a certain reward.

The operator of a Master Node must hold a certain number of corresponding coins (collateral) to obtain Master Node status. The operator is rewarded for holding these coins, fulfilling the required tasks and providing computing power (Rewards). Payment is made in corresponding coins.

Those who provide selected master nodes and continuously monitor and optimise them can earn an extraordinary profit through clever strategies.

What are masternodes as opposed to mining ?

Masternoding is not mining! In recent years, mining has often been touted as an investment opportunity, for example in Bitcoin, Ether or Dash.

Until 2017, the business was also very lucrative, until the number of new miners entering the field increased dramatically. As more and more miners compete with each other, the initial costs of mining equipment and energy consumption have increased enormously, mining has become quite unprofitable – especially when you consider the cost of electricity and see the current price drops in the crypto sector.

In addition, there are many scams offered by people who do not operate mining servers at all. Simply put, almost anyone promising more than 2% per month in returns is dishonest.

Master-noding has two major advantages over mining that together significantly reduce risk:

1) The initial cost of the mining equipment must be amortised before any real profit can be made, as the value of the equipment approaches zero at the end of its life. In contrast, the masternode makes money from day one, and even if the masternode is switched off, the stakes deposited (untouched) can be released and paid out immediately. While the value of the crypto coin wagered may rise or fall, this is offset with clever strategies.

2) As the operation of a masternode requires only a minimum of energy and thus the operating costs are very low, losses are almost impossible (which is the exact opposite of mining, which consumes a lot of energy), so that in practice the only „risk“ is that the expected return may fall.

What is the return on Yield Nodes?

The monthly return varies depending on their success and profitability, but over the last 30 months it has averaged 10% per month. Please note that the return is NOT guaranteed and Yieldnodes operates in a risky market, namely cryptocurrencies.

How can I withdraw money from YieldNodes?

How can I withdraw money from YieldNodes?
Submit your withdrawal request by the 15th of the month and your withdrawal will be made by the 8th or 4th of the following month in cryptocurrency, which you can then exchange for USD, GBP, EUR, etc. If you pay out in Bitcoin, the amount will be transferred on the 8th of the month. If you choose Sapphire, it will be made on the 4th.

With Yieldnodes, deposits are blocked for 6 months. The same applies to all other deposits, including deposits via reinvesting. While there is an option for emergency withdrawals within 48 hours, this is for emergencies only and is subject to a 25% fee.

Your earnings can be withdrawn monthly or automatically reinvested or both.

There are no fees for standard withdrawals (BTC or SAPP).

Can I withdraw my initial capital / deposits?

Yes, but it is locked for 6 months…. which is more like 7 months due to the withdrawal process.

However, with many other passive income opportunities with high returns, you cannot withdraw deposits (you only get bonuses), so this is a big plus for Yieldnodes. One thing to note is that any re-investment is also a ‚deposit‘ and therefore subject to the 6-month lock-in period. There is a 48-hour emergency withdrawal feature, but you will have to pay a 25% fee for this.

Click on Withdraw in your account and scroll down. If you have been a member for more than six months, you should see a „Transfer Noded Balance“ that you can transfer for withdrawal.

When are YielNodes winnings and deposits paid out?

Withdrawals can be initiated via a secure member area. Each withdrawal request must be made by the 15th of the month to allow YieldNotes time to resolve the MasterNode, deactivate the server and pay out the winnings in Bitcoin on the 8th (or 4th) of the following month. The minimum payout amount is €100.

How are the profits from YieldNodes paid out?

Currently, you can choose whether you want to receive your payouts in Bitcoin (BTC), Sapphire (SAPP) or Thether (USDT-TRC20). The desired euro amount is exchanged from your member account at the time of the payout at the respective average rate into the selected currency and sent to the specified wallet address.

Are Yieldnodes returns in US dollars, bitcoin or something else?

Everything in Yieldnodes is pegged to the EURO (EUR). When you deposit, your Masternodes balance, rewards and reports will be in EUR.

Deposits can be made in Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT on TRC-20).

Payouts can be made in Bitcoin (BTC) or Sapphire (SAPP). Tether is an additional crypto option, but there is a 1% fee due to the conversion from BTC to Tether – whereas there are no withdrawal fees for BTC / SAPP.

For example, if you have a Masternoded balance of EUR 10,000 that will generate EUR 1,000 in profit this month and you want to withdraw this EUR 1,000, you choose the cryptocurrency (e.g. BTC) when withdrawing and EUR 1,000 will be converted to BTC when withdrawing.

What can you do with YieldNodes returns?

Automatisches Reinvestieren von Yieldnodes-Anlagen
Automatic reinvestment makes Yieldnodes truly passive 😉

Yield Nodes allows you to withdraw or automatically reinvest (all or part of!) your monthly returns, and that’s one of the things I really like about it. You can choose to start withdrawing your returns each month, or continue with automatic compounding. Or both.

Please note that while withdrawals are available monthly, all deposits (including reinvested amounts classified as ‚deposits‘) are locked in for 6 months. There is an emergency withdrawal facility, but this is subject to a fee. More on this in the FAQs.

What is the minimum deposit at YieldNodes?

Yieldnodes pegs its system to the euro and the equivalent of 500 euros is the minimum you can deposit. So the minimum deposit is about 500 USD or 400 GBP. The maximum amount, by the way, is 250,000 euros for the first deposit 😉

Will my profit change depending on the bitcoin price?

Um, yes and no – but probably „not“ in the way you think!

Most of the cryptocurrency space is affected by the price of bitcoin, so „yes“, the profit Yieldnodes generates is affected in some way by bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets in general… if there are some difficult months for cryptocurrencies, you’ll probably find this reflected in the amount of profit Yieldnodes makes in those months.

Not in terms of your deposits and withdrawals though; everything is ‚pegged‘ to the Euro. Bitcoin is only used as a means of deposit and withdrawal.

If you decide to deposit 1,000 Euros, Yieldnodes will show you how much Bitcoin to send, i.e. 1,000 Euros worth of Bitcoin at the current exchange rate.

If you want to withdraw 1,000 euros, Yieldnodes will send you 1,000 euros worth of bitcoin at the current exchange rate. If you then quickly exchange them into euros, you would usually have 1,000 euros 🙂 .

Is the income from YieldNodes taxable?

At the moment, the tax treatment of investments in cryptocurrencies is not precisely defined. However, it is a fact that although masternoding is not a bitcoin transaction, a profit can still be made and the intention to make such a profit is always present. So if the income exceeds the exemption limit, it is taxable. The exemption amount was €9,744 in Germany in 2021 and €9,984 in 2022.

Please note: As an employee in your main job, you can only earn up to €410 per year on the side (freelance or commercial) in Germany without becoming liable to tax (see § 46 para. 2 no. 1 EStG).

However, to be on the safe side, you should ask your tax advisor.

Is YieldNodes safe?

Like any opportunity, there is risk involved. Wherever you invest your funds, which are beyond your control, there is some risk. Even the money in your own wallet can be a risk if you are not careful. That’s why you personally need to do your due diligence, assess the risk and make the decision to deposit yourself.

Basically, you are entrusting your funds to Yieldnodes to make a profit and pay you a share of the profits.

How serious is Yieldnodes?

Personally, I have the impression that the founders, from the CEO to his team, are very transparent and sincere. They have also invited 10 independent experts to audit their business in the company and confirm that the funds are used as stated, i.e. that the funds are invested in servers, masternodes and the like. They also do regular video posts, send monthly updates to members and keep them informed.

This is an uncontrolled environment. In general, anything to do with cryptocurrencies and blockchain is fraught with risk and still very unregulated – we are still at a very early stage of the market.

If you want to know more about trustworthiness, you can find detailed information in my research on whether YieldNodes is reputable.

Is YieldNodes verified?

Yes, when you log into your account, look in the left menu bar at the bottom. There, under the heading „Audits“, you will find the report of a July 2022 audit in Malta. Note that these are from people who all have Yieldnodes accounts and have invested in YieldNodes, so they may not be entirely objective.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can click here to register (you don’t need to make a deposit to see the audits).


Info from and about YieldNodes

Important information about the YieldNodes login

As there seem to be repeated attempts by fraudsters to steal the login details of YieldNodes members, here is an urgent note once again:

  • Registering and logging into your YieldNodes account is only possible via the yieldnodes.com site and any subdomains such as members.yieldnodes.com. Yieldnodes itself does not operate any other domains, so be sure to check the address on any link.
  • Yieldnodes does not run any apps, neither on Android nor on Apple devices. So never enter your data for the Yieldnodes login into any app!
  • It seems that there are always free riders on the internet who copy the Yieldnodes website and advertise with sometimes even higher returns. As far as I can tell, they are all scammers, so beware of websites that look very similar to Yieldnodes.
  • As you can see from the current newsletter, people are now even being urged to make alleged deposits on Yieldnodes on Skype, Telegram and Whatsapp. Please don’t ever go for it, your deposit would be completely lost.

This is how YieldNodes sees itself

YieldNodes is a complex, multi-tiered MasterNode programme based on a new blockchain-based ecosystem.

Mainly, YieldNodes‘ revenue is generated through a mix of masternoding, price gains and services to hedge and leverage returns in its own ecosystem. In the meantime, YieldNodes has not only become significantly larger, but additional business areas have also been integrated, so that the earnings figures have been consolidated and even expanded. Among other things, there is its own listed cryptocurrency, its own decentralised exchange (barter exchange) and an online shopping area that works with cryptocurrencies. Further services, partnerships and business models are being worked on.

The YieldNodes project initially started as a kind of hobby in 2018 and launched an extensive beta phase with a carefully selected group of early adopters in October 2019.

Ertragsentwicklung YieldNodes
Yield development as of 04/2022 © YieldNodes

Over the next 30 months (test and practical application), YieldNodes generated a total return of 306.4% in favour of these participants, despite the Corona crisis.

This translates into an annual return of 120%, or an impressive 213.84% for participants who opted for monthly reinvestment.

This profitability was achieved despite the global economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

Does YieldNodes offer an affiliate program?

An affiliate program that rewards members has been in place since the launch of the public program. When you sign up to Yieldnodes.com, you will receive a referral/affiliate link that will earn you 5% on the referred person’s deposit …… And it’s not just the first deposit that is rewarded as an affiliate – subsequent deposits are also included. This is a great way to grow your capital quickly within YieldNodes and an easy way to earn start-up capital if you have little equity.

This affiliate programme from YieldNodes is only a one-tier system, so it is not a snowball system!

YieldNodes to the affiliate program

Please follow these rules when advertising YieldNodes. It is imperative that YieldNodes is displayed correctly as we are only as strong as our weakest link, and misrepresentation of YieldNodes puts the program at risk, so abide by these rules!
Yieldnodes is a server rental programme, NOT a trading investment. It has nothing to do with trading cryptos or currencies.

At the same time, Yieldnodes is not regulated or supervised by any financial company, and has never claimed to be. It is a project made by crypto enthusiasts for other cryptocurrency enthusiasts and masternoding.

Results are NOT guaranteed and are highly dependent on cryptocurrency markets performing well.

Deposits from participants are used to set up servers that act as masternodes and to use small amounts of coins to enable these servers to participate in crypto-network activities and generate more coins. The proceeds will be distributed 85% to the participants and 15% to the programme (the rental costs).

We NEVER promise or guarantee any results! However, you are free to mention past results and keep a diary of your experiences with us.

Don’t overdo it – keep your feet on the ground and help us present YieldNodes as the opportunity it really is, not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in termination of the affiliate account.

When did YieldNotes start?

In summer 2018, YieldNodes was initially launched as a private master node project. With selected partners, the rental program started at the end of October 2019 as part of a trial period. After lowering the minimum rent and increasing the number of employees, the program is now open to the public.

What returns can be expected?

YieldNodes pays out at least 85 % of the generated revenue to its members. This means that a maximum of 15% (usually less) of the monthly profit is retained when assessing the risk and reward of a new project. In less well performing months, YieldNodes takes less of the profit as they strive to build long-term relationships with their participants. A steady return of 5-15% per month is aimed for, but the security of the network and the integrity of the servers are a top priority.

Is the focus of YieldNodes masternoding?

Both yes and no.
The project started as a pure masternode pool project, but gradually increased significantly, whereupon the business concept was expanded. Income now comes not only from masternoding rewards, but also from the company’s own cryptocurrency projects (such as Sapphire) and its own exchange (Heliobank).

According to YieldNodes, their goal is to use the masternode cryptocurrency for practical economic applications. In this way, participants generate sustainable Masternode-based income, much of which comes from the real economy. This strengthens the network and all YieldNodes partners benefit.

This and that

More information about Yieldnodes

For search engines

As I deal with search engine optimisation among other things, I have of course tried to optimise this page on Yieldnodes experiences accordingly. This includes, for example, the possible misspellings and typos for Yield Nodes, as otherwise interested parties searching for Yielt Notes on Google, but possibly misspelling this, would not find any information 😉

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My personal Yieldnodes experience

My own opinion so far looks quite positive. Since I became aware of Yieldnodes rather by chance, I first had to read up on what a masternode pool is, read many ratings and reviews on Trustpilot and watched one or two videos with the CEO of Yieldnodes Stefan Hörmann, contacted him via Whatsapp and questions were also answered promptly. It seems that Yieldnodes is a good way to earn a passive income with manageable investments and good profits. However, it should also be noted that this is a high-risk area and you should only invest if you accept the possibility of losing the money invested 🙁

Why an English translation of my Yield Nodes experience?

For all those whose mother tongue is not German, I have translated my experience with YieldNodes into English here. If you have further questions about YieldNodes, just ask me, I will try to answer your questions.

More info on Yieldnodes?

Since I am unfortunately not a very creative person, but I do have some experience in the technical field, I took inspiration from various other websites when compiling the information about investing in YieldNodes, read reviews and summarised them in order to inform about the provider and the possibility of masternoding and to show that you can generate a passive income with it. One of these sites is Christian’s site, for example, where there is very good information about Yield Nodes. But they are by no means copies, because otherwise Google would certainly have classified my page as plagiarism and punished it accordingly.

No investment advice within the meaning of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG) is provided.

The content contained on this website is intended solely for the information and entertainment of the reader and is not to be construed as investment advice or a recommendation within the meaning of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG).

The information on this website exclusively reflects my subjective, personal opinion. You are expressly requested to form your own opinion about the content of the articles and to seek professional and independent advice before making any specific investment decisions.

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